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A (3)-day Retreat

Facilitated by Julia Hartsell & Jonathan Edwards


In today's medical world, science has trumped art and illness is divorced from any perceptible meaning. Yet deep and essential parts of us are invested in narrative, and soul-deep healing demands that we find--or make--meaning of even our most harrowing experiences.  


What are our ailments asking of us? How do we transmute the poison of our trauma and find medicine in our wounds?


Our 3 days together will be filled with storytelling, group ritual, and communion with the more-than-human world. We'll share dreams, explore the rich terrain of our ancestry, and wade together into the seas of myth and mystery in hopes of returning with renewed understanding of our own stories and struggles and the makings of a more meaningful life. 


Our evolving group process will draw from embodied practice, free writing, plant meditation, ancestral work, mantic arts, and grief ritual. 


Dates: (April 2020 / September 2020)

Location: TBD in North Carolina's Triangle area

Cost: $425-600 sliding scale

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