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Heartward Sanctuary



Imbolc Ceremony

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Cross-Quarter / Imbolc Ceremony on Saturday, February 1


$35-50 General Public

$15-30 Sustainers

As we make our way around the wheel of time, Imbolc, the next cross-quarter marker is  just around the curve. On Saturday, Feb 1, we'll gather for an evening with cacao, music, dance, divination and ritual to honor this moment in our cyclical relational dance with the Sun.

Named by the Gaels, Samhain (Oct 31-Nov 1) marks the retreat of energy into the roots. It's a time to honor the dead and prepare for the cold, dark season.On Imbolc, life starts to re-emerge. They're symmetrical times; at both the veil is thin and the portals open--but now the energy is moving towards light and life, even if the groundhog predicts more winter.

Live musical guest tba

*We do not claim to represent Gaelic culture or rituals. Our intent is to respectfully celebrate this cross-quarter time which is a potent time across cultures.  We honor our Gaelic ancestors who named this time Imbolc.

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