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Soma Temple

Vernal Equinox Ceremony


Friday March 20


at the Flowjo

Join Julia & Jonathan, multi-instrumentalist Gareth Dicker, and the sensational Marielle Hare of Ecstatic Feast as we honor the mysteries of rebirth and the vernal equilibrium in the Soma Temple!

Long before their traditions were Christianized into Easter, Northern European peoples celebrated the spring goddess Ostara. On Friday evening March 20, we gather for an evening with cacao, music, dance, improvisational play, altars, divination and ritual to honor this moment in our cyclical relational dance with the Sun. As with the other annual festivals we observe, this ceremony offers an opportunity to tune in more deeply with the season and ourselves as we explore the resonance between the personal and the natural world.

After filling the space with a flowery profusion, Marielle will kick things off in the spirit of pLaY! Who knows what energies will emerge from the dance of light and dark as we commune at the seasonal crossroads...

With cacao and live musical guests including Gareth Dicker.


7pm - 12am (Equinox at 11:50pm)
at the Flowjo


$25-40 for Heartward Sanctuary sustainers
$40-65 for general public

Feel free to Bring:

a cup for cacao
blankets and pads for cozy nesting 

a song from the heart to share

(Participants do not have to stay for the entire event.
We'll hold the space open to tune into the Equinox moment at 11:50pm.

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