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Soma Temple

Soma Temple is our vision for a indoor/outdoor space to host our Weekly Services, a Liturgical Ritual Cycle, Ritual Dances and Grief Ceremonies. Soma Temple will offer regular opportunities to embody, express and commune with the sacredness of our shared human experience. Heartward Sanctuary is committed to a variety of sacred practices and knows that having a home for sacred practice is key to building and sustaining community. Our intention is to build Soma Temple adjacent to the Conservation Burial Ground for a continuity of ritual tending of the land as well as communion with the other-than-humans including the ancestors. Soma Temple will include an intimate space for transition, laying-in-state and visitation or vigils for blood and soul family. We also envision 1-2 smaller spaces for one-on-one counsel, healing work or family support.


We also seek to provide sacred space for people of various faiths to practice and host events or retreats in alignment with our greater mission. We believe that gathering with other faith-based communities will help to bridge diverse peoples and philosophies is a crucial piece of our individual and collective survival.

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