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Nov 2, 6-10pm The Flowjo, Carrboro

Nov 1, 7-10pm Celestine, Raleigh

Join Julia & Jonathan for a Ceremony to honor this potent Cross-Quarter time called Samhain by our distant Gaelic ancestors. This time is cross-culturally recognized as a space when the threshold between the worlds of the living and the dead opens, when time collapses, when our beloved and unremembered dead become more accessible. This time is potent and also one to be tended with care, as not all dead are equally well.


While the veil is thin, we'll gather to commune with protective and opening plant allies, then utilize a Ritual Dance practice to tune into well ancestors, to dance with and for them. Connection with the dead can bring great blessing and also challenge. so we'll be offering ritual technology and framework to consider when tending the dead including ways to discern between ghosts and ancestors. We'll make offerings for the well ancestors and prayers for the continued healing of any others in the lineage who may still be suffering. 

Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably and to bring a journal and an offering (food, flowers, libation or something that feels significant for  your people.) 

$30-50, Send payment to paypal.me/... please send a note about which evening you'll be attending

*While we have Irish & Scottish ancestry, we in no way claim to be Gaelic and are not initiated to any Gaelic spirit lineage. As orphans or European descent, we are doing our best to repair our relationship with the greater web of relations, the land and our ancestors. This is our way of honoring our ancestors of blood in the ways that we have learned through study and practice. This ritual has no one spirit lineage.