One-on-One Healing Work

Dharma ārtha kāma mokshānām ārogyam mulam uttamam. 

“Good health is the surest foundation for all else in life"

    -Cāraka Samhita 


It is our honor to serve the community through healing work, including acupuncture (also cupping, guasha, moxibustion), classical Chinese & western herbal medicine, somatic intuitive sessions and ancestral healing. 

Services are provided by Jonathan Hadas Edwards, LAc (acupuncture, herbs). and Julia Nicole Hartsell (ancestral work, end-of-life counsel) at our center in Silk Hope, NC and at the Flowjo in Carrboro, NC. 

Scheduling for all session types is via 


Covid-19 update: distance herbal consults are available by phone. Acupuncture and hands-on work are available

in Silk Hope [not Carrboro, currently] in a covered outdoor setting through the summer months. 

If you could use support and are unsure of which modality may be most supportive, feel free to reach out for a chat at no cost. 



Healing sessions are offered on a donation-basis to our Sustainers.


For the general public, we offer sessions on a sliding scale basis as follows: 


                      New patient herbal consult & acupuncture             $120-150

                  New patient acupuncture only                                $100-125

                  New patient herbal consult only                              $90-120

                  Follow-up herbal consult                                         $60-100

                  Follow-up acupuncture                                            $70-100                 

                  Refill on a bulk herbal formula                                 $15-25 (in addition to herb costs) 

                  Ancestral Lineage Healing session                           $90-120

                  End-of-Life counsel session                                     $90-120


Payments are due the day of services rendered except where alternate arrangements have been made.  

PayPal is via


Please note that the cost of herbs varies and is not included in herbal consults; however, mark-up on the high-quality herbal materials we source is minimal in order to prevent conflict of interest.  


Divination & Spiritual Readings

We offer several forms of divination and spiritual reading as a stand-alone offering or as an adjunct to our healing modalities. Readings range from simple questions to in-depth explorations and prices vary accordingly. 


For more information or to schedule a session or reading, contact

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