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Founded in North Carolina in 2019

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One-on-One Healing Work

Dharma ārtha kāma mokshānām ārogyam mulam uttamam. 

“Good health is the surest foundation for all else in life"

    -Cāraka Samhita 


Heartward Sanctuary offers a range of healing modalities including acupuncture (cupping, guasha, moxibustion), herbal consult & remedies, somatic intuitive sessions and ancestral healing on a sliding-scale basis of $80-125 per session (Add $25 for first time acupuncture or herbal consult). We can sometimes flex lower to accommodate those in a tight spot—please enquire.

For those interested in regular sessions, we are considering implementing a subscription model as well; while this model is not yet in place, we are happy to work with you on discounts for regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions. 


Healthcare services provided by Jonathan Hadas Edwards, LAc. and Julia Nicole Hartsell. 

Divination & Spiritual Readings

We offer several forms of divination & spiritual reading as a stand-alone offering or as an adjunct to our healing modalities. Readings range e from simple questions to in-depth explorations and are priced accordingly. 


For more information or to schedule a session or reading, contact heartwardsanctuary@gmail.com