Healthcare with Heart

Dharma ārtha kāma mokshānām ārogyam mulam uttamam. 

“Good health is the surest foundation for all the aims of life."

    -Cāraka Samhita 


Jing Well Clinic provides holistic, compassionate healthcare to the local and extended communities through in-person (covered, outdoor) and remote sessions in a range of modalities including acupuncture, herbal medicine, somatics, and ancestral lineage healing. 


We treat a wide range of people and conditions, from acute to chronic, mundane to mysterious. What's constant is our dedication to addressing the roots of imbalance and restoring harmony through the appropriate means. From back pain to nighttime visitations, chances are we're equipped to help you feel better in your body. 

Services are provided by Jonathan Hadas Edwards, LAc (acupuncture, herbs) and Julia Nicole Hartsell (ancestral work, somatics) at Heartward Sanctuary in Silk Hope, NC and remotely. (Acupuncture is limited to in-person visits, at least until Jonathan masters the 'flying needle' technique.) 

Scheduling for all session types is via info@heartwardsanctuary.org. If you can use support and are unsure of which modality may be most supportive, feel free to reach out for a chat at no cost. 



Sessions are offered on a sliding scale basis as follows. Rates in parentheses apply to Heartward Sanctuary sustainers. 


                      New patient herbal consult with acupuncture         $150-225    ($120-175)

                  New patient acupuncture only                                $100-125     ($75-100)

                  New patient herbal consult only                              $125-175     ($100-125)


                  Follow-up herbal consult with acupuncture             $90-125      ($70-100)

                  Follow-up herbal consult                                         $70-100      ($55-75)

                  Follow-up acupuncture                                            $70-100      ($55-75)   


                  Ancestral Lineage Healing session                           $90-120     ($60-90)



Please note that the cost of herbs varies and is not included in herbal consults; however, mark-up on the high-quality herbal materials we source is kept to a minimum.  


In recognition of legacies of oppression, we offer 50% discounts on all of the above sessions to members of the Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities. 

Payments are due the day of services rendered except where alternate arrangements have been made.  

PayPal is to HeartwardSanctuary@gmail.com. 

New Patient Documents  


  * Intake and Health History

  * Consent to Herbal Treatment

  * Fee Schedule & Cancellation Policy

Please complete these Intake Form, Consent to Herbal Treatment and Fee Schedule & Cancellation Policy forms at least 24 hours in advance of our scheduled initial consult. These forms are one-time only. All of your health information is strictly confidential.


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