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Becoming an Ancestor

Meditations, preparations and ritual

to remember the sacredness of death

and find your way home

Guided by Julia Hartsell

November 10 & December 15, 3-6pm at The Flowjo, Carrboro

"We are all just walking one another home." ~Ram Dass

In these weeks together, we'll begin some of the necessary work of preparing for end-of-life transition wherever we may be in our life cycles. By diving into the both the practical and spiritual realms of this eventuality, we can begin to shift our cultural paradigm of death-phobia and bring sacredness back to this passage. Through ritual, discussion, visioning and writing, we'll explore our end-of-life desires and aspire to a sacred death.

This is an opportunity to explore ultimately want for the end of your life in a non-denominational, non-judgmental space. All participants will receive an Advance Death Directive and 5 Wishes Form for communicating their requests to their beloveds. This is for anyone regardless of age or health as death meditations may support a more satisfying life.

Sliding Scale $50-80 ($25-40 / meeting)

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