Apothecary & Medicine Garden


sanctuary : space in which to heal

Our Silk Hope, NC-based herb garden and apothecary grows from several root traditions: Classical Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Traditional Western (Euro-American) Herbalism. This diversity is a reflection of Heartward Sanctuary co-founder Jonathan Hadas Edwards’s wide-ranging studies and the teachers with whom he has had the good fortune to study. Our herbal formulations draw on both the synergistic wisdom of tradition and on the freshness and potency of local herbs. The result: unusual versatility and clinical efficacy. 

Stocked with hundreds of herbs in both crude and tincture form, our apothecary features plant materials carefully sourced and organically grown, sustainably wildcrafted and/or tested pesticide/insecticide-free. We use high-grade organic alcohol for our tinctures, which are made with care, by hand, in small batches.


Formulations are customized based on the often-complex needs of clients, to meet needs ranging from physical to psycho-spiritual. Contact us at HeartwardSanctuary@gmail.com to set up a sliding-scale herbal consultation or acupuncture appointment at our Silk Hope clinic (currently offering covered, open-air treatments during Covid-19). See Jing Well Clinic page for more on consults and rates and for intake forms.   

Herbal Classes, Apothecary Visits, Hands-on Garden Time

From time to time we also offer classes in various aspects of herbalism, from materia medica study to the holistic cosmologies of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine to hands-on medicine making. These classes are driven by community interest: email us at HeartwardSanctuary@gmail.com