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Group Retreats & RENTALS

Heartward Sanctuary is available on a limited basis for mission-aligned rentals and group retreats. 


The Sanctuary buildings and grounds make for a commodious, serene and secluded setting for meditation, tai chi, yoga, song circles, art therapy, soul work, and other forms of healing and spiritual work.  


Facilities include:


-36+ acres: meadow, woodlands with trails, spring and creek, gardens, fire circles

-Sanctuary house (three stories, five bedrooms, four porches, sleeps 8 – 12+)

-Barn temple with dancefloor (currently under construction) 

-Cob cottage (sleeps 1-2)

-Rustic campsites

-Outdoor shrines (Water Babies shrine and ancestral shrine)





Nightly - $650 (2 night minimum)

Weekly - $4,200


Cleaning fee: $175



Day Rentals


The Sanctuary is sometimes available to host day-long and half-day events aligned with our work and mission, including workshops, classes and memorial services.

Email for details.

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