We are a North Carolina Piedmont-based 508c(c)1(a) non-profit dedicated to midwifing metamorphosis, tending life's thresholds and sacred transitions. Our projects include personal and group ritual offerings, a sliding-scale acupuncture and herbal clinic, ancestral healing work, community dances, and an incipient green burial ground and ancestral grove. 

Committed to fostering relationship with the other-than-human world and tending our beloved dead through expressive and ritual arts, we are growing new culture from ancient roots. We are artists, ritualists, gardeners, musicians, healers, writers. More about us


Memorials​ &

end-of-life matters


Ceremonial Fire

Ancestral Feeding & Ritual Dance

Oct 31 - Nov 1

 in Silk Hope, NC

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coming soon...

Ecstatic Dance Sanctuary

Weekend Open-air Dance Sanctuaries

 throughout Fall & Winter

(weather permitting.)

Online Dances

resume in November

Education, planning & sacred ceremonies


Due to COVID-19, this retreat is being rescheduled. Dates TBD for online and open-air Ancestral and Ritual Dances.

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Dance has traditionally been a way to honor and connect with the earth, sun and lunar cycles, our other-than-human kin and the ancestors. Music and dance have been essential ways of grieving, celebration and healing. Ancestral Dance is a ritualized movement practice that offers opportunity to remember and reclaim our ancestral, animist ways. Engaging with the ancestors can support  healing of ourselves, the dead and the earth. 

The Ancestral Grove

Green burial ground 

Our first beloved was laid to rest in the magnificent meadow here.  It's been heartbreaking to lose our precious Pablo, our primary canine companion. Yet, amidst the sudden loss and tremendous grief, we are thankful that his bones have christened the burial ground and will forever bless the land here. His death and passing, being such the shock, have affirmed our purpose here.


Having space with his body before burial was tremendously important for my own grieving and healing process. Grieving him in a private chamber was incredibly connective and supportive. This Winter will be dedicated to putting the appropriate structures in place for the burial ground to be ready to receive any of our beloved dead. 


Coming soon... 

Acupuncture, ancestral healing, spiritual readings (divination), herbal consultations, custom personal ritual support and death doula work are available.  

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